Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the care going to cost? – Each care plan ends up costing a different amount for each patient, depending on your insurance coverage. Our case management team will create and present to you, a customized estimate based on what the team wants to do and what the responses from your insurance company are.
  2. Will I get an adjustment during my New Patient visit? – Every person must go through the New Patient Process and have X-Rays taken before they are seen for an adjustment, there are specific instances where a provider may make the call to adjust you on that day, after your X-Rays are taken. But there is no guarantee that you will be able to.
  3. Can I get an adjustment without having X-Rays taken? – Every patient at Schrock Medical Clinic must have X-Rays taken prior to any chiropractic adjustment. While spinal adjustments are a safe form of healthcare, we, as a clinic, want to ensure that we know exactly what is going on with your body before we do any type of treatment.
  4. I changed my bank/card info, how will that change my payments? – If you are set up on automatic payments, our billing department will be able to change the account information within our system. All you have to do is call the clinic and they can direct you to the right person.
  5. I can’t make my scheduled appointments; can I just show up when I am available? – Any care that you receive at Schrock Medical Clinic is carefully coordinated between the teams, if you have any scheduling issues then you will need to call the clinic and speak to a member of our front desk staff or case management team, and they will help you find a solution. Showing up outside your scheduled time may result in a longer wait or you not being able to receive care that day.
  6. When am I expected to show up for my appointments? – That depends on the type of appointment that you are scheduled for, if you are new to the clinic, it is strongly recommended that you show up at least 20 minutes early to your appointment to allow for any paperwork to be completed prior to your scheduled appointment. For any treatment plan appointment, 5 to 10 minutes is acceptable.
  7. I can’t remember what days and times I set for my appointments. – Our front desk team will be able to print you a paper copy upon request.
  8. I have concerns about my treatment, who do I contact – Our case management team is always available to answer any questions that you may have. For more technical concerns about your treatments/X-Rays, you will have to discuss those with your provider on your next visit.
  9. For Neuropathy FAQ visit this page.