Neuropathy FAQ

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Neuropathy FAQ:

Neuropathy does NOT get better, it just gets worse if left untreated!

Don’t ignore the symptoms, take action!

  • How can we treat neuropathy when no one else seems to know how to treat it: First off there is no cure for Neuropathy, but through treatment like that of which we offer the symptoms can be reduced greatly! We offer an extensive 10 week treatment plan that may include but is not limited too: medical injections, chiropractic therapy, MedWave, Cold Laser therapy, a proven Nutrition plan + guidance and accountability every week, supplements that are of the highest quality ingredients, and LED’s or red lights. The protocol requires a full commitment from the in office care, at home care and the nutrition. Without all of this the chance of improvement is greatly reduced. Keep in mind all of this depends on whether the patient tests for Neuropathy and is DIAGNOSED by our providers through an extensive exam and full medical history.
  • What type of treatment do we provide?: Specific treatment depends on the diagnosis from our provider.
  • Pricing: what insurance covers and what is out of pocket: We can not give an estimate on what insurance will cover without a proper diagnosis from our providers. After the exam and x-rays (if necessary) then we can contact your insurance and see what is covered. This is gone over in extensive detail on the patients Report of Findings.
  • How nutrition affects neuropathy: Our Nutrition Plan is very extensive and with the help of our team we can ensure the patient stays on course and do see results, when following it. The majority of patients that successfully see improvements in their Neuropathy symptoms follow the nutrition plan to a “T”. Any deviations and they usually feel it in increased inflammation and flare ups. You’ve probably heard the saying: “Fail to plan….plan to fail”! That’s how our nutrition plan is formatted, in an easy to follow way that allows the patient to plan out week by week, day by day meals so they can be successful. Without planning the results will not be there. We also hold them accountable with each office visit and weekly food log reviews.
  • I have diabetes and now have neuropathy. What can help: Neuropathy symptoms can happen as a result of diabetes. We work with diabetic patients in our Neuropathy program. The best thing is to attend one of our free seminars to answer specific questions in this regard.
  • Why a natural approach? Why aren’t pills involved?: Our goal is to help patients reduce inflammation and evently reduce the need for prescriptions. Everyone is different but we have seen patients come off blood pressure meds., cholesterol meds and Neuropathy meds with the help of this program. Our unique Nerve Support supplement contains all natural ingredients of the highest quality that help patients with Neuropathy symptoms.
  • What’s the scientific research that backs our treatment? For a complete list of studies please request via email.  It is concluded that both laser and LED light are capable of stimulating angiogenesis [blood vessel growth]. Lasers Med Sci. 2013These findings implicate microvascular damage as the basis for toxic neuropathy and suggest that angiogenic growth factors [blood vessel growth] may constitute a novel treatment for this disorder. Journal of Molecular Therapy 2007Our study suggests that LEDs [Laser/Light Therapy] are advantageous to nerve regeneration. Journal of Orthopedic Science 2010

LEDs [Laser/Light Therapy] are light sources releasing energy in the form of photons. They release long wavelengths of light that stimulate cells to aid in healing. 2011

In conclusion, the present study investigated the use of [Laser/Light Therapy] to stimulate growth of nerve segments in GGT nerve conduits and demonstrated that this biostimulus greatly improved peripheral nerve regeneration. Evidence Based Complimentary Alternative Medicine 2013 [Laser/Light Therapy] caused potent dilation in the laser-irradiated blood vessel, which led to marked increases in the arteriolar blood flow. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. 2000.

The results of this study suggest that infrared light energy [Laser-Light Therapy] may be an effective intervention to decrease pain, improve function, and increase sensation in an individual suffering from peripheral neuropathy. European Journal of Academic Essays 2014. Treatment with MIRE [Laser-Light Therapy] was associated with improved foot sensation. The extent of this improvement was substantial. Even in patients with advanced loss of protective sensation. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, 2005.

After treatment, [foot sensitivity] showed improvement of 66%. After MIRE [Laser-Light Therapy] treatment, the pain level was reduced by 67%. J of Diabetes Care & Complications 2006 Overall, reversal of peripheral neuropathy in a clinician’s office and subsequent use of MIRE [Laser-Light Therapy] at home was associated with a 78% reduction in falls, a 79% decrease in balance-related fear of falling. Age and Aging, 2006.

  • What is Red Light treatment? There are several sources of red lights on the market, but our’s are different! So let’s understand the difference. Our surface mount LED’s are flat and no round bump that leaves indents and no poxy resin left over on the skin. Our lights are comfortable and very flexible because of the way it is made to wrap around areas of the body. This unique technology of red lights and infrared lights help decrease inflammation and help heal the body. Our’s have red lights (680 nanometers helps with circulation and angiogenesis – growth of new blood vessels)  and infrared lights (880 nanometers helps deep cellular healing – nerve tissue healing and soft tissue regeneration – both equal the most therapeutic benefit! We have the BEST LED’s on the market for Neuropathy! Perfect for at home therapy use! Power, strength and comfort built into our lights. These can not be purchased online either, only sold by professional doctors.
  • Success stories:

Suffered for a long time with Neuropathy without even knowing what it was and was convinced there was no hope for me. I’m 75 and I thought I had nothing to look forward to but to sit in a wheelchair in a corner at a nursing home and I came to the seminar and learned about my condition and ever since I’ve started treatment, I have hope!! These providers listen to me! And give me so much support! I feel hope for the first time in so long! – S. T. Kearney NE

I’m about 40% better than when I started my Neuropathy treatment. For me this is good because the pain and discomfort were unbearable. At first it was challenging to change my habits (diet) but now I really see and feel the difference. I’m coming to the final few weeks of my plan and am pleased with my progress. I will continue to apply all that I have learned from Schrock so I can keep my Neuropathy symptoms at bay. – J. R. Woodriver NE

I’m a type 2 diabetic and have had Neuropathy symptoms for 5 years. I finally found a program that is helping me. I can snap my fingers now!!! I even stubbed my toe and could feel it for the first time in years. I’ve lost about 10lbs and found a new belt hole. I can get out of bed easier and I actually look forward to prepping my meals and creating the recipes in the plan. I’m excited to see how much I can still improve. – A.C. Holdrege NE

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