Total VRX


Your body has a defense mechanism in place to deal with free radicals: antioxidants. If you’re living a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet‚ you’re likely to have a good number of antioxidants in your system already. However‚ if you don’t live the healthiest lifestyle‚ are exposed to a lot of toxins‚ or are already sick‚ you may benefit from taking Nutri West’s Total Vrx.

Contains: Vitamin A‚ vitamin E‚ zinc‚ and selenium. Oleuropein‚ which is a chemical compound found naturally in olive leaves that has twice the antioxidant levels of green tea and over 400 times that of vitamin C; it contains a large amount of elenolic acid‚ an ingredient particularly effective in helping maintain a strong immune system.

Astragalus‚ which is an herb that may help fight the visible signs of aging.

Echinacea‚ which may strengthen your immune system and help reduce your chances of getting sick from viral or bacterial infections

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