Myths of Orthopedic Bracing

Evolving Healthcare: The Benefits of Orthopedic Bracing

Healthcare as we know it is constantly evolving, there are more treatment options and applications available now than there has ever been at any point in history. One of these evolving rehabilitative tools is Orthopedic Bracing.

You’ve probably heard things such as “It weakens your muscles”, “They are just for kids”, and “They are expensive” when discussing different types of orthopedic braces. These are just some of the misconceptions surrounding one of the best ways to passively support and stabilize problematic regions in your body and allow you to take a step towards a healthier you!

In this article we will address some of the myths surrounding medical bracing or “Durable Medical Equipment” such as Back Braces and Knee Braces.

  1. “It Weakens Your Muscles” – While braces can lead to an increased reliance from the muscles, it typically happens when a brace is worn too much or incorrectly. With proper usage a brace will help train postural muscles to improve joint alignment and increase positive neurological flow.
  2. “They Are Just for Kids” – While the application of bracing can lead to more dramatic improvement when problems are addressed at a younger age, it even has practical applications with older patients. With the reason that, improvement of posture and the offloading or “decompression” of a joint will increase the effectiveness of the nervous system and its function.
  3. “Braces are Expensive” – As with any medical equipment there are costs that are associated with the service, however most insurances to date cover Durable Medical Equipment and our Case Management Team will always connect with your insurance provider to give you an estimate that is customized to you and your needs.

The applications of orthopedic bracing are endless, from general joint support and spinal misalignment to aiding in the treatment of medical conditions such as scoliosis. When you add the application of Orthopedic Bracing into the three-pronged approach that our clinic has to healthcare, you tend to see results that you may not have seen in the past. But with each patient, they are thoroughly assessed prior to beginning care to ensure that the treatments that are done in our clinic, are not only safe but effective and exactly what your body needs.

Our healthcare team is always here to answer questions and evaluate your specific needs. To learn more about Durable Medical Equipment and the benefits that it has for you!

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