Schrock Medical Clinic Gives a Solution to Boosting Immune System

Schrock Medical Clinic is a leading clinic offering integrative medical solutions to improve health while reducing the risk of pain and illness. They provide alternative solutions to help people live their best active life, while minimizing the need for surgery or traditional medicine. As of recent, more and more people are searching for alternative solutions to keep them healthy and well, avoiding illness as much as possible.

(Kearney, NE November 2020) In a recent update, Schrock Medical Clinic, a leading provider of integrative medicine which includes: regenerative medicine (medical injections), chiropractic care, and rehabilitative therapy has said they have a solution to boost the immune system. With their new IV nutritional therapies, the clinic is excited to offer a “top-notch” solution to boosting the immune system that everyone is currently seeking. They note that when it comes to boosting the immune system, people have plenty of options especially in the form of pills, but IV drips are the latest tool that can provide vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream, for FAST results. IV therapy is a great way to deeply hydrate and nourish the body from the inside out, delivering fluids & nutrients right into your cells. IV therapy provides the body with a flood of balanced hydration & nutrients that are absorbed more efficiently than through digestion. An IV drip can give an instant boost of energy, and helps provide the support needed to effectively fight off illnesses & bring one’s health into balance.

Ultimately, that is what Schrock Medical Clinic offers to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. Infusing the best of 3 worlds: medical injections, chiropractic care, and rehabilitative therapies. By combining these 3 solutions, one can experience less pain, improved joint health and restored joint mechanics. The team of providers at Schrock Medical Clinic work one-on-one with each patient, noting all areas of pain, creating a customized plan and helping see them through to success. When a patient successfully completes the prescribed treatment plan they have GRADUATED and are able to perform activities that were once challenging due to chronic pain.

For one, the vitamins and minerals in the IV therapy can add to the patient’s defense against cold and flu symptoms, improving the immune system by delivering all the vital nutrients directly into the body’s cells. Helping one feel better FAST.

While addressing the best way for administration, they said intravenous means is the best way to ensure the vitamins work on the body. This method provides the immune-boosting vitamins bypass the digestive system and ensures a 100% absorption rate. The IV therapies naturally detoxify the body while removing harmful free radicals that contribute to toxin buildup and impaired immune function. Compared to oral supplements that often bring unsatisfactory results due to digestion and absorption, the clinic maintained that intravenous administration is unmatched.

On how frequent the IV therapy administration should occur, they said that it should be recurring weekly for up to 6 weeks to ensure effectiveness. That is because free radicals can damage the body at the cellular level over time. In the end, the IV nutritional therapies prevent long-term damage from free radicals while flushing them from the body. One notable nutrient is vitamin C that helps the body remove free radicals and improve muscle mass, strengthened immune system and improved circulation. Ultimately, the IV nutritional therapies boost the immune system, helping ward off cold and flu symptoms.

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With over 22 years of experience, and expertise, Schrock Medical Clinic is the go-to provider for integrative medical solutions. They understand the current demands and needs of people, offering solutions to help them achieve and maintain optimal health without invasive treatments such as surgery or medication. They provide regenerative medicine, chiropractic care, and rehabilitative therapies to help patients achieve their goals so they can live their best active lives.
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