Antioxidant Scanner

The easiest way for you to measure an important bio-marker: antioxidant status! Improve how you feel and increase your scanner score with the help of a healthy diet and supplements to fill in the gaps where your nutrition is missing. At Schrock Medical, we are excited to offer this scan as part of your treatment plan. You’ll quickly be able to see where your score is and then our providers will recommend diet, lifestyle, and supplements to help improve your antioxidant levels. Many health experts believe that a diet high in antioxidants can help protect against the oxidative stress and inflammation caused by free radicals. In turn, this may help reduce the risk of related health problems. In less than one minute you can find out if your diet, lifestyle and supplements provide the antioxidant protection you need for promoting health. Schedule your scan today: call us today or request an appointment.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are substances that protect the body by neutralizing unstable molecules called free radicals. They develop when atoms in the body gain or lose charged particles called electrons. Free radicals aren’t all bad. They play an important role in many biological processes including cell division. They also help cells talk to each other and they help your body defend against infection. But when too many free radicals build up in the body, they can do serious damage to cells. This may contribute to conditions like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  People tend to talk about antioxidants as a broad category, but they’re actually more of a big family. Vitamins like C, A and E are antioxidants. There are many more, each with their own benefits.

See what Dr. Oz has to say about the scanner?

What is the antioxidant scan?

The Pharmanex S3 BioPhotonic Scanner is the leading innovation in antioxidant detection. In just 30 seconds, you can know your anti-oxidant status. See how Pharmanex scientists have utilized this technology to empower each individual when it comes to diet, lifestyle choices, and choosing when to supplement, and what to supplement with. This video is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the scanner technology, products that affect your scanner score, and testimonials of its efficacy. Take 15 minutes and see how you can improve your anti-oxidant status today.

“The amount of Antioxidants you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long you will live.” -Richard Cutler MD, Director Anti-aging Research, National Institute of Health (NIH)

Scanner Antioxidant scanner score:antioxidant scanner

antioxidant scanner

All Patients receive an immediate Scanner Score in the clinic. The PHARMANEX BioPhotonic Scanner score measures Antioxidant levels in living cells. It is significantly more accurate than blood/serum measurement. Serum levels vacillate dramatically every 24 hours based on diet. The Scanner measures Antioxidant tissue saturation over the last 4-6 weeks of dietary intake.

The patented Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is a cutting edge testing tool that non-invasively measures carotenoid levels in living tissue, providing an immediate indication of a person’s overall antioxidant levels. Everyone can instantly know their own antioxidant status, empowering individuals to make improvements to their diet and lifestyle, and help them to make an informed decision on which supplements are properly formulated to impact their antioxidant health.

The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is the world’s first measuring tool that gives you a Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS)—immediate evidence of carotenoid antioxidant activity in your body. By placing the palm of your hand in front of the scanner’s safe, low-energy blue light, within seconds you will obtain a reading of the carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin—your Skin Carotenoid Scores (SCS)—which has been scientifically correlated to overall antioxidant status. The technology of the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is based on an optical method known as Resonance Raman Spectroscopy, which has been used for many years in research laboratories. The Scanner measures carotenoid levels in human tissue at the skin surface using optical signals. These signals identify the unique molecular structure of carotenoids, allowing their measurement without interference by other molecular substances and providing the person being measured with their own SCS. In less than one minute you can find out if your diet, lifestyle and supplements provide the antioxidant protection you need for promoting health.

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