How is Physical Therapy at Schrock Medical Different

Physical Therapy at Schrock Medical Clinic in both Kearney and Lincoln, NE is DIFFERENT than other clinics in the area. Learn how we provide care during and after the treatment plan is completed.

How is Physical Therapy at Schrock Medical Different

How are you different from other physical therapy clinics in our area?

  • Consistent one on one time with your PT or PTA
  • Frequent, in-depth functional exams, assessing progress.
  • Daily Meetings with the whole provider staff to ensure the treatment plan is being carried out correctly, this also allows us to make any changes.
  • Tracks targeted at specific muscle groups that address functional deficits. Patients will progress through each one of these tracks as they improve both strength and flexibility.
  • Our physical therapy department will give you a home traction exercise program to complete while receiving care. After you complete your treatment, you will receive a home exercise program, so you are able to maintain the progress.
  • Your PT doesn’t exercise. 
  • Our team takes a true interest in your well being and recovery.
  • You are like family to us!

In conclusion, physical therapy offers a comprehensive approach to address injuries, recovery, and enhance overall physical abilites. Since our physical therapy department is located in our building you have the added benefit of having a full functional medical clinic at your hands all under one roof at Schrock Medical Clinic; located in both Kearney and Lincoln NE. Contact us today to schedule an appointment by calling us at 308-236-6499, or by clicking here.

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