20 Healthy Habits to Adopt

20 Healthy Habits to Easily add to your Routine!

It’s FALL! A time when kids are back in school and many of us feel a pull to revisit, refine or return to a daily, weekly, or monthly routine! In recent years, the power of routine has gotten a lot of attention. Routines allow you to narrow down our decisions (minimize detours!) and therefore have more energy to devote to the things that help make you happier, healthier, and/or more productive. To get the most benefits from this strategy, build healthy habits into your routine. They may seem like small things at first, but over time, they’ll add up to great benefits!

Here are 20 healthy habits to get you started. Pick one or two at a time and add them to your routine. When they become automatic, add another habit or two. The changes may feel small when you make them, but over time they can add up to a lifestyle overhaul that benefits your body, mind, spirit, and probably your productivity and happiness as well!

  1. Wake up early. Start your day by waking early.

  2. Skip breakfast. Fast until 10-12 in the morning to create more clarity in your mind.

  3. Hug your partner, kids, or puppy goodbye before you leave for the day.

  4. Create time for gratitude.

  5. Pick one stretch to incorporate each week. It can help you stay centered, flexible, and is a great way to move your body.

  6. Take a 20-minute nap, it could make you feel more alert and perform better.

  7. Making your, to do lists.

  8. Drink water. It helps support healthy organ and tissue function, reduction in caloric intake, and can give your skin a great glow!

  9. Make it a habit to walk 10 min after every meal. It’s great for your digestions and to lower your blood sugar.

  10. Schedule self-care, like monthly massages. They benefit your body, mind and emotional wellness.

  11. Skip afternoon coffee and opt for tea instead. It’s better for your body and your energy level!

  12. Take time to get outside, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Studies show this habit satisfies your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing!

  13. If you’re working from home, or your office has a gym, take an afternoon shower. It can be a relaxing moment of quiet to refresh, relax and reset!

  14. Say goodbye to colleagues before leaving or logging off for the night. It helps build stronger relationships and transition from your work life to your personal life.

  15. Journal to recap your day. Whether you use a planner, a journal, or a talk with someone you love, checking in can help you set worries aside for the night and plan for the next day.

  16. Read for at least 30 minutes. It can help lower your stress level and improve your memory!

  17. Take a hot bath at least two hours before bed. Research shows it can improve your sleep.

  18. Step away from your screens at least 20 minutes before bed. You’ll sleep better!

  19. Create a night time routine that allows you to disconnect and unwind. This may include calming tea, supplements to help relax, and non-stimulating activities like reading.

  20. Keep bed for sleep only! If you have trouble sleeping, bringing your hobbies, work, and reading into bed will only distract you.

For many of us choosing a new habit is easy, it’s keeping it that becomes tricky. That’s why accountability is huge in sticking to your new habits. Tell a friend, write on sticky notes and post all over the house, journal it, and post to social media if you feel it will help. If you fall off or forget a new habit, forgive yourself and take care of it when you remember or set an alarm so you’ll remember the next day. It takes time, but common wisdom tells us that repeating a habit for 30 days or more helps make it automatic. When that happens, get ready to add a new healthy habit!

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